Shared Solutions

If you are an MS patient who takes Copaxone, and you cannot pay for your medication, there is a group called Shared Solutions that will help.

When I found out that my insurance considered Copaxone a specialty drug, and the cost to me would be one-third the retail cost of the medicine with $5000 max out-of-pocket, I was not sure what I could do about it.  The pharmacy directed me to Shared Solutions. 

I had heard about Shared Solutions for years.  As soon as I started taking Copaxone, I began to receive literature from them.  I knew they were a support group, but I did not realize that they provided financial assistance for MS patients on Copaxone.  When I called, I was told that they process some claims right over the phone, almost instantly.  My claim required me to jump through a few more hoops – probably due to the higher dollar amount.  They sent me three or four forms to fill out, and I had to provide them with financial information, but within just a few days I was approved for assistance. My responsibility for a monthly shipment of Copaxone is $0. ZERO.   This not only pays for my medication, it actually puts $50 a month back into my pocket.

If you are someone, or know someone, who finds MS medications beyond your reach, most of the drug companies have support systems like Shared Solutions to help you.  I am starting a new drug called Ampyra.  Same deal.  Ampyra is paying what my insurance company will not.  I do have a $40 co-pay for this one.  Guess I figured out to do with the excess $50 in my budget.


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