“Staying in the Employment Game”

The employment environment is tough for everyone right now. But those living and working with multiple sclerosis face unique challenges. Learn strategies for “Staying in the Employment Game” by tuning in for a special live panel discussion on UWTV and uwtv.org at 8 p.m.Tuesday, April 6.

I have been watching this series of televison broadcasts.  The first was rather dry, but I found the information to be valuable.  The second was on the history of MS, and the speaker was very interesting.

I am considering finding a job this year, and with my body falling apart, I am wondering if I would eventually work from a wheel chair.  How does that play into finding a job?  It is do-able.  People do work from wheel chairs.  My mind is fully in tact (most days), so I feel that I still have a lot to contribute.  The question being how many hoops am I willing to jump through to be a contributor?

I will be checking this program out on Tuesday, April 6th.  Maybe online though, as I will have to watch “Idol”.


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